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Himalayanprayer beads

Himalayan Prayer Beads


Himalayan or Tibetan prayer beads are used in Hinduism and Buddhism to count mantras, prayers, and to meditate.  There are many different styles of prayer beads.  This vintage necklace has 108 beads, a guru bead, and two dorje tassels for counting.
The beads are carved from dyed yak bone with decorative inlays of copper, turquoise, coral and brass. Some beads are chipped and show many years of wear.
The guru bead sits at the top of the rosary and marks the start and end of a round of prayers or mantras. Starting from the guru bead, a bead is counted after each recitation or chant. Once the guru is reached, the chanter reverses direction and repeats. Crossing over guru is considered disrespectful and should never be done.
The pair of dorje counter beads are used for keeping track of the prayers.  After one complete circuit a counter bead is moved forward on one of the dorje. Ten circuits will produce over 1000 prayers after which a bead is moved forward on the second dorje.  This will allow tens of thousands of mantras to be tallied.
Inlays on Stained Yak Bone
Dorje Counter Beads
Guru Bead